Autohaus Michel Weber

Bieberer Strasse 213
D-63071 Offenbach, Germany
Phone 0049 (0) 69-98 54 400

Our business hours:
Mon - Thu 7:30am - 5pm
Fri 7:30am - 5pm
Sat 10am - 2pm

Your classic car is in the bests hands.


30 years experience with sports cars. We are looking forward to welcoming you with your Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, MG, Morgan and Jaguar.

Classic Cars Garage

Ferrari Garage MG Rover Garage MG Rover Garage

Ferrari specialized garage
MG Rover professional garage

Our garage offers broad services for your classic car. Among other services we offer: operational-test measurement, convertible top service, saddle work, glass service, carriage work and modification by installing current technologies (for example: fuel pump, ignition system and starter).

We provide spare parts, even if they are rare. With our contacts to international suppliers we are able to obtain the right spare part in short time, in certain cases even new copies.

Classic Cars Garage